Saint Jean du Barroux

A matter of terroir...

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Philippe Gimel


After the obtention of the Oenologist Diploma, I focused on learning from famous masters, as nothing is better than experience. From Beaucastel to Pierre Bise, La Janasse or Chateau Deves, each meeting has been crucial to understand, for each step, what increase the quality of grapes and wines.


Passion, sincerity, sharing and respect: the key-words which drive my everyday work. We try to do our best so that Saint Jean du Barroux's wines reflect these values. 


"Only one thing matters, there are no rules but humility…"



My goal


Everyday, vines and wines are astonishing and allow us to discover something new. 

Quality comes from the terroir first. It determines at which level you're starting from and the way to maintain it is as crucial.


Perfectly ripened berries is the final goal and each step has to be tought in this way. My goal is to highlight what the terroir and vines are giving us.

The priority is to focus on preserving the  authenticity and quality of the original grappe  juice .





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